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Migration is everyone's opportunity

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At Asmovilidad we are convinced that migrants contribute economically, socially and culturally to the communities where they have settled. That is why we work as facilitators so that people can access to the same opportunities, promoting its integration and connection with government, civil society, private initiative, among others. 

What we do

1 to 1 attention

Each person we serve lives a particular situation, so we provide orientation, information and one-on-one follow-up, through in person and virtual connections. Likewise, we promote self-entrepreneurship, knowing that one of the main needs for migrants and refugees is the economic development for them and their families.



We believe in the value that migration brings to host communities, as well as the importance of working in a 👉double track or "doble vía"integration process👈 migrant, refugee and Mexican society, where there is an exchange of knowledge and benefits shared. Under this principle we generate different community events such as community sessions, meetings in intercultural, friendly and inclusive spaces.


We are a channel that links migrant and refugee community with different social and academic actors, with international and government organizations involved in the migratory phenomenon in a direct or transversal way. We do it with the aim of building communication bridges, in order to provide them with comprehensive, close and efficient care.



#NoOneLeaveBehind with that premise, we produce videos, information sessions, radio programs, podcasts and we seek to make the most of different media as well as the use of social networks, so that people have access to clear and timely information regardless of the state or country where they are.

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"Migration is a Human Right, it is a resource that has given dynamism and progress to our communities"

- Asmovilidad



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