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Intercultural Promotion

We are convinced that the interaction and presence of migrants and refugees in Mexico brings transversal benefits for families, and local mexican communities, we call it - Integración en Doble Vía -. For this reason, through Intercultural Promoters we visit public spaces, community centers with the aim of fostering narratives of respect, diversity and the promotion of interculturality.

In 2019, a group of migrant and refugee women, together with the Arts and Crafts Factory (Faro Tláhuac) and Asmovilidad, carried out literary workshops with the aim of having colleagues capture their experiences and motivations when leaving their countries of origin. The result of this was the presentation of these stories by the Collective of Oral Narrators Yolilistlahtolli who embraced each of the testimonies and represented them with love and empathy through the audience at Faro Tlahuac. 
Later on, in 2021 again with Faro Tláhuac, and now joining the Council to Prevent and Eliminate Discrimination in Cdmx COPRED, we published "Life stories of Women in Mobility" 9 stories of venezuelan women that opened her hearts and we let us know what was for them leave their countries and their processes to live in Mexico. Spread it and share it with more people, so that it reaches more hands, more women. 

Do you want to know more about the cultural activities that we carry out with the community?

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We frame the life stories and testimonies of people who live in Mexico, who have shared some of the challenges they have faced, the opportunities found, the support networks they have built and many more topics.

Listen to the episodes through different Podcast platforms such as Spotify, Google Podcast, Anchor, Soundcloud
Radio Movilidad



We believe in diversity, plurality, interculturality of all the people who live in this country, in such way with #Cacao we have highlighted that heterogeneity is what has made our communities rich in culture, music, gastronomy, architecture, and much more. 

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